Washington STARS


The purpose of Washington STARS (
State Training And Registry System) is to ensure quality care for all children in our state through increased opportunities for basic and on-going training for child care, early education, and school–age providers. STARS emerged from a widespread call from both child care providers and consumers for increased training and compensation to improve the quality of care for children and youth.


The Department of Early Learning (DEL) administers the STARS Registry, a web-based database that tracks provider records. Questions should be forwarded to DEL, as licensors are responsible for regulating and ensuring compliance with the STARS training requirements in licensed programs Washington Association for the Education of Young Children (WAEYC) is also contracted to oversee other parts of the program, including the scholarship program.

Basic Requirements

The STARS Model Curriculum is a 20-hour basic child care training that is required for all child care center lead teachers, program supervisors and directors. This curriculum will provide a foundation of basic core knowledge about child development, guidance, behavior, health and safety.

Newly licensed child care providers must take this 20-hour basic child care training course within the first six months of licensure. Ten hours of ongoing training are required each year.

Receiving STARS credit from out-of-state and non-STARS-approved trainings.

Early childhood education trainings obtained outside Washington or from non-STARS-approved trainers/training organizations may qualify as a STARS-approved training.

To qualify for STARS credit, the training must relate to one or more of the eleven Washington State Core Competency Areas and be one of the following:

  • Training that was provided by an organization outside of the early childhood education field
  • A college class that is NOT within a college’s early childhood department
  • Distance learning by an out-of-state or national sponsor
  • Out-of-state training by a nationally recognized sponsor
To receive STARS credit, the provider must complete the “Continuing Education Proposal” form located on the STARS web site.


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