Washington Scholarships for Child Care Professionals (formerly the T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood Washington) is a program that helps early childhood professionals pay for a college education through community and technical colleges in early childhood education. We also help pay for Child Development Associates (CDA) credential application fees.  

The goal of Washington Scholarships is to improve the field of early childhood education by increasing compensation levels, sustaining commitment to the field, and advancing the educational achievements of its scholars. The comprehensive scholarship support provided by Washington Scholarships helps remove barriers by providing paid release time, a travel stipend and a majority of the costs to take classes.  We provide a bonus at the end of the scholarship contract, and the scholar will be expected to remain a family child care provider or center employee for one year after the conclusion of the contract. As a result, scholars increase their professional status and become better early childhood educators.

Previous scholars have demonstrated a significantly higher commitment to staying with their program or in business. Over the course of our program, the turnover rate for Washington Scholarship participants has continued to decline. The caregiverís relationship with children is the most critical indicator of high quality care and long-term success in school.

For information about the program, or to obtain a scholarship application, please call the toll-free number, 1-866-308-3224, or e-mail:


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