Our Kids: Resilient & Ready

Studies show that a child who comes to school with the social and emotional skills needed for success is more likely to do well in school, graduate, and prosper as an adult.  These include skills like getting along with others, managing their emotions, and taking the initiative to meet their own needs.

The Our Kids: Resilient & Ready grant enables child care providers in low-income neighborhoods to use an assessment tool and strategies to foster healthy social and emotional development. As children transition into full-day kindergarten programs of Spokane Public Schools, West Valley School District and northern Stevens and Ferry Counties, their kindergarten teachers will use the same program.

The grant and project partners are supporting:

  • Training and professional development for child care providers and kindergarten teachers.

  • On-site coaching and mentoring to support child care quality and enhance teachers’ ability to promote healthy social and emotional development of children.

  • Access to behavioral consultants, a family resource specialist and mental health services for children and families who need support.

For more information please contact: Kathy Thamm at (509) 209-2613 or kathyt@community-minded.org.


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