Child Care Complaints

 The Department of Early Learning (DEL) licenses and monitors child care centers and in-home family child care providers, investigates complaints filed on licensed facilities, and provides public information about licensed child care providers.

Anyone who provides care on a regular basis for a non-related child must be licensed by DEL.  Licensing indicates that the program meets the minimum requirements set by the state of Washington.

If you are considering enrolling your child in licensed care, you can find out if any complaints have been made against a licensed program:

Why Check? In order to ensure the safety of all children and the future integrity of all provider programs, it is important for parents to check out a potential child care service. By going online or calling DEL, parents can check for complaint history and ensure that there is a valid license issued to a certain provider.

You can also report a licensing violation or child abuse at a licensed child care facility. 

  • To report suspected or known child abuse or neglect, or for any licensing
    complaints, call 866-END-HARM (363-4276).


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